Calculation of Property Tax:

For Triennial Revision of Assessment

          A.  Residential:

Total Built-up Area of         X         Rate per Sq.Ft            =          Monthly Rental Value (M.R.V) the Property 

(Rate per Sq.Ft – Rs. 1/- to Rs. 3/- depending on the type of the building erected whether R.C.C\Sheet\Hut and Zone/street it falls under)

            M.R.V                       X         12               =          Annual Rental Value (A.R.V)

  (Converting Monthly value to Annual Value by taking of 12 months)  as common value)

           A.R.V                    X         35%                         =          Property Tax per year

            (35% is the cumulative tax percentage of House Tax, Water Tax, Conservancy Tax)