Quality education is today’s need as it is a tool for development of intellectual skills and knowledge which will equip learners to the needs of professionals, decision makers and development of interpersonal skills. Cantonment Board Schools are implementing provisions of Right to Education Act earnestly. The Board is giving thrust to ensure that all children of Cantonment have access to the schools as also to raise the quality of education in the schools maintained by the Board. Cantonment Board Allahabad runs 04 schools including one High School, one Junior High School, one Primary School and one Special Children School. The schools are located in the area of the Cantonment to cater to the educational requirements of the civil population of the Cantonment. The Cantonment Board strives sincerely to provide quality education and a good academic environment. School Management Committees have been constituted and meetings of School Management Committees are being held regularly. Mid-day meal is being provided by the Government of U.P.

Schools Maintained by Cantonment Board Allahabad

1 Cantonment High School New Cantt Sadar Bazar High School 581
2 Vicker Public School New Cantt Sadar Bazar Junior High School 772
3 RA BAzar Public School New Cantt RA Bazar 5th 187
4 Udaan School for Special Children Sadar Bazar Special School 51