Public Health Care

Cantonment Act 1924 obligates Cantonment Board to provide basic health services to all the citizens residing within the Cantonment. For this purpose Cantonment Board has established a Cantonment General Hospital which is functioning for more than 100 years to cater to the health needs of residents of the Cantonment, employees of the Cantonment Board and nearby areas of the Cantonment where no medical facility of comparison exists. This Hospital provides medical facilities to all the Civilians as well as Defence Civilians with Army units consisting of a population round about 30000 of Allahabad Cantonment. CGH is a 40 Bedded Hospital, providing non-dieted indoor facility mainly for maternity cases and the labor room is functional for normal deliveries conducted by Staff Nurses (trained birth attendants). Nominal charges are charged for the above facility.


OPD Services

1. Dental OPD

2. These facilities are available to the residents of Allahabad Cantonment as well as patients from outside Cantonment area.

3. Physiotherapy, Homeopathic Consultant are available in the Cantonment General Hospital

4. The Diagnostic facilities include X-rays and Pathology (all basic test facilities including Biochemistry are done).

5. Only normal deliveries are conducted in the indoor facility.

6. The emergency cases are attended and given first aid treatment by the duty staff. Serious cases beyond the scope of the hospital are referred to appropriate state level hospital after being stabilized.

7. Bio-medical waste is disposed off in a proper manner.

Hospital Timings

1. OPD – 08.00 A.M to 01.00 P.M & 03.00Pm to 05:00PM (Mon to Sat)

2. Laboratory - 08.00 A.M to 04.00 P.M (Mon to Sat)

3. X-Ray –  08.00 A.M to 01.00 P.M & 03.00Pm to 05:00PM (Mon to Sat)


1. Preventive Health Care

2. Pulse Polio Immunization

3. Immunization Programmes

4. Kishori Clinic

5. School Health program

6. Care for Special children

7. Medical camps

8. Ambulances