Recreation Facilities


Cantonment Board Allahabad maintains 13 public gardens in the Cantonment Area to provide human enjoyment and re-creation or healthier and greenery environment, amusement for the children under which Saraswati Ghat and Sangam Watika are the main parks. All people need physical activity to maintain fitness and health. Physical activity increases strength, flexibility, and endurance; relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety; improves mood; and enhances psychological well-being. Exposure to nature in parks, gardens, and natural areas can improve psychological and social health. Parks also build healthy communities by creating stable neighborhoods and strengthening community development. Parks are one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a sense of community and improve quality of life. Parks provide places for people to connect and interact in a shared environment. Parks channel positive community participation by getting diverse people to work together toward a shared vision. It offer children the daily benefits of direct experience with nature — the motivation to explore, discover, and learn about their world and to engage in health-promoting, physical activity. Parks offer children a sense of place, self-identity, and belonging as an antidote to social alienation, vandalism, and violence. It helps to engage children in informal, experiential learning through play and shared experiences with peers, laying the foundation for effective formal education and provides a valuable resource for closing the educational achievement gap in communities.