Water Supply

Cantonment Board Allahabad is entrusted with the responsibility of supplying wholesome water to all the residents of Cantonment area except to those for whom dedicated water supply from the MES exists. The Board maintains following infrastructure to cater the water supply requirements of public residing in Cantonment area Allahabad:

1 No. of shallow tube well with pump houses 08 Nos.
2 No. of mini tube well with 1HP submersible pump 06 Nos.
3 No. of Over Head Tank 03 Nos
4 OHT No. 1 Capacity 30 KL
5 OHT No. 2 Capacity 50 to 60 KL
6 India Mark II Hand pumps 53 Nos.
7 No. of water connections 1250 Nos.
8 Water supply through Over Head Tank Sadar Bazar, Baghara, RA Bazar
9 Water supply through Direct supply II Bazar, BI Bazar, Galla Bazar, Kahar Galla, Meagherganj
10 Per Capita availability of water 135 Liters per day
11 Acceptance of application form for new water connection with duly attached documents On any working day from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
12 Acknowledgement of application Within three working days from the date of submission of application
13 Intimation to the applicant in case of any deficiency in his application form Immediate
14 Site inspection Within a day from acknowledgement of application
15 Depositing prescribed fee alongwith road cutting damage charges in Cantt fund By the applicant on any working day
16 Water connection By Cantt Board authorized plumber within three days from deposition of prescribed fee and damage charges by the applicant

New Water Connection

Water connections are provided by the Board for domestic and commercial purposes in Cantt area Lucknow. The procedure for new water connection is as follows:

NOTE: The applicant has to pay the charges for pipe, pipe fittings, labour charges etc required for new water connection in his premises.

Documents Required For New Water Connection

●  Application for New water connection
● Agreement regarding new water connection on Non Judicial stamp paper of Rs 60/-
● Copy of receipt of last paid house tax bill
● Copy of address proof
● NOC from landlord in case of water connection applied by tenant.
● Undertaking of temporary water connection in case of application submitted by tenant.

Charges For New Water Connection

1 Connection Fee Rs 500/-
2 Security Fee (refundable) Rs 500/-
3 Road cutting Damage Fee Rs 300/-

Water Tankers

Water tankers of capacity 5000 Liters are provided to the public for function purpose only and are used for Gardening purpose in Cantt area Lucknow.

No. of Water Tankers  : 08 Nos.

1 Within Cantt Limits Rs 600/-
2 Outside Cantt Limits Rs 1200/-